Empowering women entrepreneurs

“Whoever gives to the poor will not want” Prov 28:27

ICAfrica assists impoverished women entrepreneurs with micro-loans to earn and rescue  their families from extreme poverty. ICAfrica is about helping people help themselves, in building up their communities, building hope for a better tomorrow – one with opportunity and independence. Our mission is to fight extreme poverty by creating cost effective long term solutions through helping poor but capable micro entrepreneurs and farmers to grow their businesses and farms and earn better incomes.

Today (2014), over 550 million people in sub-Sahara Africa are living in extreme poverty, on less than one dollar a day. 180 million of them are the impoverished but enterprising parents and breadwinners of the other 370 million poor people, made up of children, elderly and the sick. Because these breadwinners are operating on very small capital, they are not earning enough to provide their children’s needs in food, housing, healthcare and education. Often the additional capital required by each breadwinner is less than $300. ICAfrica provides this direct to the entrepreneur in the form of micro-loan and business coaching. This very quickly enables these breadwinners to expand their operations, earn higher incomes, move their families out of poverty and along the way, create jobs for others. Please DONATE to support our programs in Africa.



EEPA – End Extreme Poverty



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