• Roadside micro-business breadwinners, each operating with about $80 capital in Nigeria


ICAfrica directly empowers the poorest enterprising & farm families (those living on less than $2 a day/person) in all the countries of Africa, to leverage their capacities to earn better incomes & move their families out of extreme poverty!

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  • Every day, our dedicated teams of staff and volunteers are on the ground, in the poorest villages of Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, and in several other countries of sub-Sahara Africa, working with the poor to improve lives.

  • We identify the poorest self-employed parents (family BREADWINNERS) who, due to lack of small investment capital or skills,  are unable to earn more to bring their children and other family members out of extreme poverty.

  • We provide these families with 'hands-on' coaching and money, often between $100 and $300, with which to grow their micro-businesses and farms.

  • At their self-employment sites, we assist them to achieve productivity gains and to earn higher incomes within weeks, helping brings them and their children above their region's poverty line, permanently!

  • We support and guide village communities in financial literacy, conflict resolution, human right issues, food security, housing, water, healthcare, environment, social and overall economic development.  We see increased women empowerment as bringing huge economic and political benefits to Africa.

  • Through our head office in Canada, we raise money for this work, from donors across the globe.

    (As a registered charity, we issue Canada Revenue Agency authorized tax receipts to Canadian donors)

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Alice is a breadwinner for 9 dependents. The family now lives above poverty line since receiving $100 in Group Revolving Microloan from ICAfrica

Alice is a breadwinner for 9 dependents. The family now lives above poverty line since receiving $100 in Revolving Microloan from ICAfrica

(ICAfrica - International charity for Africa, a Canadian charitable organization dedicated to Africa poverty reduction work, helping the poorest self-employed breadwinners and  parents with money to expand their income generating activities and move their children above poverty line)

ICAfrica assists very poor families to succeed and get out of extreme poverty through empowering family breadwinners especially women, with micro-business and small agricultural development funding and coaching. Our development assistance goes mostly to help people become more productive in their economic activities, so that they can begin to take care of their family’s financial needs, going forward. We understand that the issue surrounding poverty is very complex so we don’t have a one-size-fit-all solution. Depending on the need, we usually would find a solution but in most cases, we believe that problems related to poverty results from the lack of opportunities for decent income generating activities and jobs. ICAfrica is about helping people to help themselves, in building up their communities to be economically, socially and environmentally balanced. Our process starts with strengthening the local leadership of village-level Community Based Organizations (CBOs), who in turn identify families living in extreme poverty,  manage and help us deliver family-appropriate poverty reduction strategies that empower breadwinners to leverage their capacities and skills, expand their earnings, work their way out of poverty, take care of their children's financial needs and become positive contributors to the social and economic progress of their immediate communities. The process allows our partner CBOs to help  build communities that are inviting, fair, safe and offers hope for a better tomorrow – one with opportunity and independence. Group Revolving MicroLoans & Community support: Working with Community Based Organization, we offer business & agriculture development coaching and Group Revolving Microloans (GRMLs) to qualified breadwinners of poor families to help increase their productive capacities. We provide coaching and other assistance to enable families to save for the future, engage in community social activities, encourage development of educational & health resources, develop community utility and water resources. We also encourage CBO Leaders to interface with their national and regional government bureaucrats to request legitimate assistance for their communities. Donate to Support Breadwinners: The solution to extreme poverty is not too far if those that have been blessed could assist by donating toward the seed money required to empower those poorest families who are seeking money to grow their income generating activities. Poor families need “hands-up” to get onto the tracks of economic progress. Today, over 550 million people in sub-Sahara Africa are still living in extreme poverty, on less than $2 a day. 180 million of them are impoverished parents/breadwinners of 370 million children and dependent-adults. Because the breadwinners operate on very small capital and often have very low skills, they are unable to earn enough to provide for their children’s needs in food, housing, healthcare and education. Often the additional capital required by each self-employed breadwinner is between $100 to $500. ICAfrica provides the required funds directly to the entrepreneurs and farmers through the GRML programs administered by their local CBOs (Community Based Organizations). This intervention enables and support breadwinners to grow their income-generating activities,  begin to earn higher incomes and quickly move their families out of extreme poverty. button Please DONATE to support our programs in Africa. More Links

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