(are persons who earn money to support a family)

We all know that Africa is still the region of the world with the largest concentration of extremely poor people, 550 million today, each living on less than $1.90 a day. About 370 million are children, elderly and the sick (zero income people) while 180 million are able-bodied adults, the parents and Breadwinners for the zero income people.

Our Breadwinner program is an Africa region rapid poverty reduction initiative of ICAfrica, which re-focuses the role PageLines- 4.jpgof economically supporting the poorest children in Africa, onto the hands of their parents and guardians breadwinners  and not the responsibility of international charitable organizations and other NGOs. If donors from the rich nations really want poor families in Africa to stand on their own and stop depending on handouts, most of the money we donate to people in Africa today should, first and foremost, be targeted toward helping these breadwinners for poor children, orphans, the elderly and the sick, earn more income in order to directly take care of their family’s economic needs.  Our program fully supports the empowerment of breadwinners with funds and coaching to increase their income generating activities, earn more money and directly pay for their children’s food, school, clothing, medicine, community water, etc.

The program recognizes that in these poor communities, there are no employers but there are lots of capable, able-bodied adults, with the energy to generate more income than they are currently producing. These Breadwinners are already making the necessary efforts to earn more but are still living in extreme poverty due to insufficient business capital, farm lands and or basic earning skills. The level of poverty of these 180 million Breadwinners, makes it nonviable and difficult for the existing micro finance banks in their regions, to establish the structure for providing them with finance and basic coaching. So ICAfrica devised this unique Breadwinner micro-funding and Coaching  program that provides them with revolving micro-loans to expand their micro businesses and or to rent more farm land, get adequate inputs, and also provides self-employment coaching that enables each recipient Breadwinner to boost their incomes within 3 to 12 months, to begin to better support, permanently, the economic needs of their children and their dependents, going forward.

The Breadwinner program is anchored on our Group Revolving MicroLoans (GRML) and Community Support Concept (CSC) which involves working with local Community Based Organization (CBOs) to offer micro-business & micro-agricultural development coaching as well as revolving microloans to qualified breadwinners of poor families, to help them increase their productive capacities. The CSC program also include coaching and other assistance to enable families to save for the future, engage in community social activities, encourage development of educational & health resources, development of community utility and water resources.

The overall goal of the program is to ensure that each self-employed Breadwinners, no matter how poor,  is empowered with finance and coaching to earn better and to ensure that each person (child, youth, elderly, sick and destitute) within the Breadwinner’s family, begins to live above the region’s poverty line of $US1.90 per person, per day. (UN guideline 2015).

Cost of the Breadwinner Program
From the work we have done in and the experiences gathered from several countries of sub-Sahara Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Burkina Faso and Gambia) over the last 7 years, we now know conclusively that it costs between $100 and $500 to lift up each poor Breadwinner to begin to generate the income he or she needs to move their dependents above the region’s poverty line. For ICAfrica and our local CBO partners located in small communities in several countries of Africa, this is a tedious grassroots work that directly attends to individual Breadwinner/family economic improvement needs. This is the level at which social entrepreneur-NGOs achieve the most efficient results.

Message to Donors and other NGOs
Global development planners must consider supporting the Breadwinner type of intervention if the UN is to achieve the announced 9% world poverty level in 2020 or 3% by 2030. We truly encourage other social entrepreneurs and NGOs,  working especially in Africa, to consider this approach. We believe that if donor governments and philanthropists can support and fund this concept in sub-Sahara Africa, the world could see an end of extreme poverty in that region in a much shorter period.

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